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Dental X-rays


Dental X-rays are essential in helping to locate issues of concern. Some problems are detected by looking at the tooth directly, but other problems are hidden unless seen on x-ray. The combination of both a clinical exam and x-rays gives the best check. Dental x-rays are used to access whether there are any cavities in the teeth, particularly between the teeth and in areas below the gum tissue.

We also use x-rays to see the bone level, whether there are any infections at the tips of the roots and whether the bone itself looks healthy. We offer digital x-rays, which deliver up to 90% less radiation that regular x-rays. We base the frequency of x-rays on each individual needs.

  • Full Mouth Series: a comprehensive set of x-rays taken usually every 5 years. These show the tips of the roots as well as the teeth.
  • Bitewings: this is a set of 4-7 cavity checking x-rays recommended usually once a year